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Reference Number: Weapons Board Search
Location: Great Lakes Region

Founded in 2008 as an executive search firm, Front Runner Consulting, LLC (FRC) also provides Merger & Acquisition (M&A) services to institutional buyers, is conducting the following talent acquisition search:

Title: Board Member

Compensation: Competitive cash (board meeting fee) + equity incentive

Company Description: Manufacturer of military-grade pumps, gun components, specialty tooling and

other products for defense, energy and other industrial applications. Company maintains active design

engineering capability for designing and reverse engineering military-grade products.

Location: Upper Midwest


·         Assist the Company in obtaining funding sources/vehicles for government contracts related to military programs that fit the Company’s capabilities

·         Make introductions to potential customers (military personnel in applicable procurement roles, prime defense contractors, second-tier defense contractors)

·         Review existing sales and marketing plans and directly assist with the formulation of sales and marketing tactics and plans on an annual basis

·         Analyze strategic plan for organic growth based on legacy defense programs where the Company’s capabilities can be effectively utilized


·         10+ years of senior management/leadership responsibilities in a company that obtained contracts from U.S. military and/or prime defense contractors

·         7+ years of commercial experience in military business (7-10 years) that is relevant to evaluating, developing and executing growth strategies (ideally, with knowledge of legacy defense programs)

·         Enthusiasm for the following time/travel commitments

·                   Attendance in person at 4 to 6 board meetings per year

·                   5-6 hours/month to assist the business with introductions, review of strategic/sales plan, other   company-related activities, etc.

·         Strong desire to help the Company profitably grow


·         High integrity, honesty and overall personal character

·         Team-oriented

·         Direct communicator; not afraid of confrontation

Please let me know your interest in this opportunity.

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