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Our Industry Focus

Business Recruiter

For acquisition executives, our value to buyers is your familiarity with the target company. Perhaps it is your current or former employer. Maybe it is a vendor, sub-contractor, or competitor. Possibly you know the owner who is looking to sell the business. What is vital is how relevant your experience relates to leading the target company, which will be a critical component for buyers who finance such opportunities. Front Runner Consulting will not engage in unsolicited deals; we need confirmation that the target company is open to speak with potential buyers.

Front Runner Consulting has developed a very detailed database of buyers based on their investment criteria along with industry interest and geographic presence. A critical component is knowing the target company’s EBITDA, which determines the eventual purchase price. Knowing EBITDA allows us to accurately identify suitable buyers based on their acquisition requirements.

Whether you are an executive looking to acquire a business but lacking capital, are aware of a company looking for a buyer or in need of financing, or a buyer looking to acquire businesses, Front Runner Consulting can address your needs.

Executive Recruiter

The success of Front Runner Consulting is based on our full circle of experience. This includes our database of qualified and pre-screened candidates along with direct searches for that ideal contender who will be the front runner to the finish line of hire.

Our database of candidates consists of senior level executives, board members, financial (CFO) and operational (COO) executives, consultants in various specialties, and interim executives.

Although we have recruited for turnaround and restructuring firms, finance companies providing advisory service, private equity groups, law firms, and investment bankers, Front Runner Consulting will engage in searches within other industries.